Selling a Home

Selling a Home – Seniors’ Needs and Priorities

Selling a Home Requires Preparation

Selling a home has changed a lot in the past decade. You may not realize how many things are different.

Selling a home ‘as is’ used to make sense. Why invest in a property you are leaving? The buyer will want to put his own stamp on it anyway, right? Actually studies have shown that now buyers prefer move-in ready homes over those which need some work. Selling a home which needs fix-ups attracts wholesale buyers. They will offer substantially less for your property. Having the work done yourself keeps you in control of the costs. If you leave it for the buyer he will reduce his offer by ten times your repair cost to protect himself.

Put your home into proper condition so it will sell quickly and for top dollar. If repairs and maintenance have been deferred, bring it up to date before you put your home up for sale.

It is also a good idea to make sure your home decor is up to date and not too taste specific. After about ten years much of your decor will be out of style. For example, drapes with tie backs and swag valences are now out of style. Even though they were expensive, they are not an asset now. Wallpaper borders are dated and wallpaper of any kind is not likely to impress today’s buyers. The exception is if you have an historical or period home, in which case you can reflect some of the styles of the period in your decor.

Preparations for Selling a Home Cause Stress

There is a downside to making updates. Even minor renovations and rearrangements in your home add to your relocation stress. Coupled with a move the stress of change and renovations may prove intolerable. The ideal way to minimize your stress level is to move FIRST, and then prepare the home for sale.

Can’t Avoid Change? Phase It In

If it is impossible to move before selling a home, consider taking more time for your preparations and phase in the changes gradually. There also may be some trade-offs in how many changes can be made. Rearrangements Home Staging can help you create a plan of action which will get you the most bang for the buck with the least disruption. We are not only experts at preparing homes to sell, we are also mindful of Senior clients’ requirements. Find out more about real estate staging on Rearrangements Home Staging website.

Use a Project Manager

Do you dislike finding and dealing with contractors? Do you think you will get ripped off? Rearrangements Home Staging has experienced residential renovation project managers who will deal with contractors on your behalf. They make sure needed work will be done efficiently and effectively. This will help a lot with your stress when selling a home.

Get a Pre-Sale Inspection Before Selling a Home

We recommend getting a pre-sale home inspection before you put your home on the market. You might wonder why, when the buyer is likely to hire their own inspector anyway. Simply put, knowledge is power. Being in control reduces stress. The information from your pre-sale inspection enables you to address any issues pro-actively. You won’t be blind sided when the buyer’s home inspector finds something and, as a result, buyers either withdraw their offer or drop their price.

Hire a Real Estate Agent Who Understands Needs of Seniors

You need a real estate agent who has experience in your neighbourhood and your type of home. He or she must also recognize the special needs of Seniors. You need someone flexible in the way they work with you. If you need more explanation, they should provide it freely. Need more time; they should not rush. If you must make some compromise between extensive redecoration and price reductions, they should explain the possible impact of your decision, but, acknowledge that it is YOUR decision.

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