Moving Tips, Ensuring a Smooth Move

moving tips

You may have been planning a move for years and can take a couple of months to get organized, prepared and packed for the big day. Or, maybe a sudden change of circumstances mean you only have a couple of weeks or less. The better organized you can be, the smoother your move will be. Here are some moving tips. These are things we do for our clients at Rearrangements Relocation and Transition Services.

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Moving Tips

1. Start with a time line.

Right from our first meeting with you as a client we begin to establish time frames. When will you get possession of your new home? Do you have a possession date when you will have to have cleared out the current home? When will move day be? Ideally you will have 8 weeks to get ready, but often there will only be a couple of weeks to do everything.

2. Keep a complete Moving To Do List.

List everything which must be done. Decide who will do it and when. Tick off items as they are competed. Review this list often and try to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

3. A move binder is a great tool.

Besides your Moving To Do List you will have Mover’s Estimates, Contracts, Service Providers’ contact information, your Time Line, Change of Address lists, travel plans. You may also add a list of boxes and their contents as you pack. Keep anything and everything in binder. Keep it with you on move day – don’t pack it.

4. Label your boxes by room.

That is, label them according to which room they go into in the new home. You can also colour code each box with a different colour for each room. Post a legend of the meaning of your colours for the movers. You may also want to post a coloured label at the door of each room, corresponding to your system.

5. Hire Expert Movers

You want a company of competent and reliable movers where your belongings will be insured. Rearrangements Relocation and Transition Services recommends movers who meet these criteria.
Here is a video from Government of Ontario about your rights when hiring a mover in Ontario.

6. Call Ahead

Book elevators, moving rooms, etc. early. And follow up a day or two before the move with a confirmation call to everyone involved.

7. Keep important papers and valuables with you.

Set them aside in a safe place ahead of the movers loading the truck so they don’t get swept up and loaded on.

8. Take a Basic Survival Kit

On a long distance move consider that you may arrive at your new home before the moving truck does. Also, it takes longer than you think to unload the whole truck and get set up. You may want to take a basic survival kit of any supplies you may need while waiting.

One nice feature of having Rearrangements Relocation and Transitions services supervising on your move day is that you are not stuck waiting while the movers unload. You are encouraged NOT to be in attendance during loading and unloading because it is hectic and somewhat hazardous. You will be able to go to a store or a restaurant or a hotel, anywhere you can stay to be as comfortable as possible during unloading, unpacking and setup time.

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